SunPod is a podcast started in 2010 by Marc Grübel and Michael Bonke. The initial idea was to let the main activists in the fields of electric mobility (Marc) and solar cooking/drying (Michael) tell their stories.
From the beginning, we opened the range of topics to everything that makes this world a little better. Almost all interviews are in German. Sometimes, though, there were opportunities to meet people from around the world who didn’t speak German, so we conducted a few interviews in English. Then, with the first CONSOLFOOD2016 conference in Faro, and the following ones in 2018 and 2020, I (Michael) recorded several more interviews in English. Since presenting SunPod at the 2020 conference in Faro, I want to make these English interviews easier to access for English speakers.


Solar Cooking And Drying

269: Jean-Jacques Serra – Association des Amis de Padre Himalaya – Solar Furnace in Sorède
268: Prof. Elmo Dutra Filho – Teaching Solar Cooking to Poor People in Brazil
267: Prof. Antonio Lecuona-Neumann – PCMs and Photovoltaics in Solar Cooking
266: Prof. Celestino Ruivo – The CONSOLFOOD conferences
265: Luther Krueger – The Solar Cooking Maniac
263: Andrew Wilson – Solar Pizza in West Australia
262: Ivan Yaholnitsky – Permaculture And Solar Cooking In Lesotho
261: David Chalker – Solar/Electric Hybrid Ovens
260: Pat McArdle – Solar Cooking in Afghanistan

239: Seggy Segaran – solar/electric hybrid cooker
235: Dr. Pia Otte – Developing solar energy technologies for and with people
234: Håkon J. Dugstad Johnsen – Beam steering lens array for solar cooking
231: Raghav S. Deostahle – Solar Drying in Madhya Pradesh
229: Juana María Hernández Jarquín – Solar Thermal-Wind Hybrid Dryer
228: Dr. Alan Bigelow – SCI – Testing Solar Cookers – The Performance Evaluation Process (PEP)
227: Sharon Clausson – The Copenhagen Solar Cooker
225: Isabella Troconis – The broken promise of solar cooking?
222: Pierre-André Aubert – Solar Restaurant “Le Présage” in Marseille
220: Sedi Byskov – Polymer Fresnel Lenses
218: The Solar Sisters Mary Buchenic and Jennifer Gasser – Solar Cooking in Ohio
216: Neha Mehta, Kinjal Pandya – Cakes and Solar Cooking – Change Makers in Rural India

209: Dr. Hartmut Ehmler – The Lightoven Story

194: Deepak Gadhia – From Deforestation to Social Engineering
191: Crosby Menzies – Promoting Solar Cooking in South Africa
190: Prof. Pedro Serrano – Solar Restaurant in Chile
188 Stewart MacLachlan/Dave Oxford – Slick Solar Stove, UK
187 Julie Greene – Solar Cookers International
185 Solar Punch – “The Solar Powered Band”
182 Ganshyam Lukhi – Tapi Food Products – Sweets With Sunlight
181 Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan – Solar Cookers, Organic Gardening, And Rural Development In India

155 Prof. Celestino Ruivo – Solar Cookers Made Of Concrete


Other Topics

173 Rob Hopkins – Transition, Permaculture and Punk
165 Michael Lloyd-Jones – Bristol Pound

144 Alanna Moore – Take Love Into Your Garden!
136 Dr. Eric Martinot – REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report 2013

044 Pat Mooney – Saving Seeds
042 Vandana Shiva – Saving seeds

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