Prof. Elmo Dutra Filho

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Prof. Elmo Dutra Filho was caught by the solar cooking virus many years ago, when he experienced that the simple CookIt panel cooker was able to boil water.
First he focused on parabolic cookers, but after a workshop with Prof. Celestino Ruivo five years ago he was convinced, that this cheap cooker is the better device for the poor people in the favelas.

The community had paid for his studies at the university and now he found his way to give this back to the community by teaching poor people how to cook with the sun.

And he gives his best to make solar cooking more popular in Brazil as almost nobody there uses solar cookers.
Elmo told me his story after the CONSOLFOOD2020 conference in Faro in January 2020.

Elmo’s website Fogão Solar
CONSOLFOOD – Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing

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