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Ivan Yaholnitsky

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Ivan Yaholnitsky grew up in Canada, and in 1987 he went to Lesotho in Southern Africa where he started working as a high school teacher. One year later he built his first solar cooker. I met Ivan at the CONSOLFOOD2020 conference in Faro, where I was lucky to hear his inspiring story and see his solar parabolic trough cooker which his wife uses every day to bake bread.

Bethel Business and Community Development Centre
CONSOLFOOD – Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing

Ivan Yaholnitsky, cooker

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Pat McArdle

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Last week we performed the third CONSOLFOOD conference about solar thermal food processing, and there in Faro in South Portugal I had the chance to record several interviews with some living legends of the solar cooking family, which we will hear in our next few issues.
Today I begin with Pat McArdle who tells us in her own words how she was inspired to use solar cookers during her work as an American diplomat in Northern Afghanistan in 2005, and about her activities in the following years.

Link: Pat’s YouTube channel

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Seggy Segaran

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Letzte Woche traf ich Seggy Segaran, der die Leistung seines Boxkochers durch eine mit Strom aus einem Fotovoltaikmodul betriebene Heizmatte in seiner Leistung annähernd verdoppelt oder alternativ mit dem in einer Autrobatterie zwischengespeicherten Strom auch noch nach Sonnenuntergang kochen kann.
In unserem Gespräch stellt er die Geschichte seines Hybridkochers vor und gibt einen Ausblick, wie es damit weitergehen soll.

solar/electric hybrid cooker

gb To our English speaking friends:
Only the first minute of the mp3-file is in German, but the whole interview is in English.
Seggy Segaran has built a prototype of a solar/electric hybrid cooker. In our interview he tells his story.


SF Environmental Trust
Aprovecho Research Center: Publications
Green Gathering

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